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Explore the remade, cruel and expanded world of Psema! When the Lovecraftian "Others" and the mysterious "Trinity" battle for control over the nature of reality, you will have to choose whose pawn you will become, as you dive for the Truth in the sea of lies.

Broken Reality RPG is a text-based RPG-adventure with RPG Maker's polished turned-based combat. Inspired from a variety of great titles to have come before, with first and foremost Planescape Torment. 

A Broken Reality to Experience:

  • Explore a huge, expansive world.
  • Suffer through your choices, as your insanity, which can never go down as the stat increases, messes with your head... Or perhaps everyone else is crazy instead...?
  • 4 different classes to choose that greatly affect the story, player interactions, etc.
  • Unforgiving combat that forces you to think, as your skills per battle are exhausted and your magia points run out until you find another safe place to rest.
  • Balance your sanity, karma, estrogen, testosterone, allegiances, romances and more.
  • Plenty of 16+ h-events (currently without accompanying CGs, but it's on the schedule).
  • Many open-ended quests and choices to make, that can come to haunt you even late in the game.
  • A constant feeling of impending doom through the whole game, as the entirety of Psema is clearly running out of time.

To get direct information about tha various updates of Broken Reality,  along with my other projects, join my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/HasturtheCreator/

If the download doesn't start from the download button of itch.io, download it directly from here: 

Newest version, if you download this, ignore the link below:

8/31/20 Floor 1: Bug-free Floor 1 (hopefully)

Install instructions

Just extract the files and launch the game.exe.

Keep in mind: If I release a new version, you can just copy paste your save files from your old one.



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