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6/28/18: New version released! Download it today and transfer your old saves to it to continue playing in the newest version (or if you're knew to Broken Reality, just ignore this and enjoy).

The world of Psema is a vast and dangerous one. When an entity known as "Mother" reveals to you that Psema's worshipped gods might not be what they seem, you set out on a journey to discover the "Truth", with no real idea of what that entrails, set on a path of betrayal, murder and all too real cruelty. Beware, ignorance is a bliss.

-A really, really big world to explore.

-4 different classes to choose from with vastly different gameplays. Your class choice will also affect a multitude of npc interactions, access to various areas and the special, class routes in its visual novel departments.

-A highly detailed world, with tons of collectibles.

-Music carefully selected based on a variety of factors to fit each situation and area of the game. Definitely keep your speakers on.

-The world is not just Lovecraft-inspired. It IS Mythos based.

-Hard, demanding battles. The game is by no means a breeze, but it won't cheat you out of a victory either.

-Gameplay inspired from a combination of Witcher (1), Dark Souls, Eye: Divine Cybermancy, Planescape Torment, and World of Warcraft, with a tiny bit of Pokemon and Dating Sims thrown in.

-Complex, deep character interactions. Debate, bribe, blackmail and flirt your way out of situations... Or just start cutting throats, though there are consequences to everything.

-A multitude of open-ended quests, with even more being added on every patch. Your decisions can have consequences even tens of hours after making them.

-The hardest of bosses are intelligent creatures. You might try offering them a better deal instead of fighting...?

To get direct information about tha various updates of Broken Reality,  along with my other projects, join my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/HasturtheCreator/

If the download doesn't start from the download button of itch.io, download it directly from here: 


Install instructions

Just extract the files and launch the game.exe.
Eventually I will add a proper launcher (either that or it will hit Steam first).

Keep in mind: If I release a new version, you can just copy paste your save files from your old one. A new version is released approximately every 2 weeks.


9/18/18 Version

Development log


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