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The world of Psema is a vast and dangerous one. When an entity known as "Mother" reveals to you that Psema's worshipped gods might not be what they seem, you set out on a journey to discover the "Truth", with no real idea of what that entrails, set on a path of betrayal, murder and all too real cruelty. Beware, ignorance is a bliss.

-A really, really big world to explore.

-4 different classes to choose from with vastly different gameplays. Your class choice will also affect a multitude of npc interactions, access to various areas and the special, class routes in its visual novel departments.

-A highly detailed world, with tons of collectibles.

-Music carefully selected based on a variety of factors to fit each situation and area of the game. Definitely keep your speakers on.

-The world is not just Lovecraft-inspired. It IS Mythos based.

-Hard, demanding battles. The game is by no means a breeze, but it won't cheat you out of a victory either.

-Gameplay inspired from a combination of Witcher (1), Dark Souls, Eye: Divine Cybermancy, Planescape Torment, and World of Warcraft, with a tiny bit of Pokemon and Dating Sims thrown in.

-Complex, deep character interactions. Debate, bribe, blackmail and flirt your way out of situations... Or just start cutting throats, though there are consequences to everything.

-A multitude of open-ended quests, with even more being added on every patch. Your decisions can have consequences even tens of hours after making them.

-The hardest of bosses are intelligent creatures. You might try offering them a better deal instead of fighting...?

To get direct information about tha various updates of Broken Reality,  along with my other projects, join my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/HasturtheCreator/

If the download doesn't start from the download button of itch.io, download it directly from here: 


2/14/19 The Chimera Hunt! The newest version of the game, featuring numerous minor changes, along with a brand new, large mission with Kaliska for sword artists (similar to how the last version featured a mission with Azar). Read the details on facebook on in the latest devlog!

Install instructions

Just extract the files and launch the game.exe.
Eventually I will add a proper launcher (either that or it will hit Steam first).

Keep in mind: If I release a new version, you can just copy paste your save files from your old one. A new version is released approximately every 2 weeks.


2/14/19 v3

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