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Broken Reality

An deep, complex RPG set in the world of Psema, inspired by Planescape Torment, the Witcher and others. · By Lord Rutsah


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Eye Candy
Just a bit of eye candy from Hana, which I had made during the summer.
9/19/2018 Version Released!~
(direct link: ) What's changed: -Fixed all reported bugs from previous versions. -Major stat...
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6/29/18 New version! Fixed various bugs reported.
New Version Released! (6/28/18)
Fixing all reported (thus-far) bugs, and furthermore: -Completely remade Floor 8's Leona Route. Now it's awesome. -Improved Floor 8's King Route. -Added a new w...
New update coming soon.
Preparing a super sexy update, that will fix all the reported bugs until now (bugs specifically) and will make Floor 8 even sexier than it was before. Using dyn...
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