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Broken Reality

An deep, complex RPG set in the world of Psema, inspired by Planescape Torment, the Witcher and others. · By Lord Rutsah


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A Song of Ice and Azar
The new update will feature the start of Azar's route, an exclussive mission to blood magi that kickstarts her story. It will take place on Floor 4, featuring...
1/7/19 Newest Version (The Insanity Patch) Changes from previous version: Maps: -Floor 1: Player house now includes a book transferring...
Eye Candy
Just a bit of eye candy from Hana, which I had made during the summer.
9/19/2018 Version Released!~
(direct link: ) What's changed: -Fixed all reported bugs from previous versions. -Major stat...
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6/29/18 New version!
1 Fixed various bugs reported.
New Version Released! (6/28/18)
Fixing all reported (thus-far) bugs, and furthermore: -Completely remade Floor 8's Leona Route. Now it's awesome. -Improved Floor 8's King Route. -Added a new w...
New update coming soon.
Preparing a super sexy update, that will fix all the reported bugs until now (bugs specifically) and will make Floor 8 even sexier than it was before. Using dyn...
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