Hachi Normal Outfit

Today I was awake from 8 in the morning till now (4 PM here) and worked on the game plenty. Amongst other changes, It was mostly technical and quality-of-life improvements,  including a final format for how recipe names are written (until now it was  a mess). I have also opted to remove all teleport crystals from the game, because 1)They made balancing even more complicated than it is now. 2)They required extra programming so that at certain stages in the game the player wouldn't be able to teleport and then having to toggle that off again. 3)They reduced the tension of the game.

I also changed Floor 1's Illfang encounter (the player now meets Kaliska and the other 2 adventurers before actually entering the boss fight, and a new pre-boss fight has been added. Moreover, the whole dungeon now uses an alarm system (2 new quests related to that have been added). If the player wants to go for full completion, it is possible not to trigger a single encounter before reaching the boss. (the kobolds now have 2 different patrol routes depending on alarm being on or off, with the off route it is easy to skip past almost all of them).

I am also planning on changing Floor 2's boss encounter. The dungeon will gain one more floor (currently it only has 1 floor), and the player will only meet Azar, not Hana. (I felt like meeting Hana at the end of Floor 2, separating and then meeting her again immediately at the start of Floor 3 was not well made. Moreover Azar's side quest for blood magi players in Floor 3 will be completely remade.

The attached image is Hachi's new basic look. Once again all credit goes to Nanashi, he's doing a great job. (https://www.deviantart.com/stoichion)

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