​Logo & Hana Regular Outfit

As you might have noticed from the top of the page, the game has a sexy new logo now! Like the Hana bust below, it's all courtesy of Stoichion (https://www.deviantart.com/stoichion).

Without further ado:


I'm working on the Floor 2 updated daily. It's mostly Imperia Academia that's a pain to make & 2 new h-events that I want the floor/area to have, but I am getting there. Just to be clear: You will first have to travel there on foot, no more portals. You "can" unlock fast-travel points (already added 1 in a new map connected to the wilds above the ToB for Floor 1), but you will have to discover each of them first. These long paths needed to connect the areas together give me chances to do all sorts of stuff, so I'm loving it (though it is still a lot of work).

Stay tuned and write your thoughts on the logo and Hana's new model below. I'm really loving how both of them turned out.

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Hana's new model looks fantastic, the artist has done an absolutely amazing job and can't wait to break Floor 2 so future players can enjoy the game more thoroughly :P


thanks for you hard work.