The Next Patch #2

As I am working on Tlanextic, the Aztec-themed second mission of Kaliska which is the size of a floor (for an idea of what it will look like, check the temple of Nyarlathotep on Floor 8, which is unlocked after completing the main story of the floor with any of the 3 choices), I am also making other changes in the world, while at the same time correcting many of the bugs reported.

The major changes you can look forward to are:

  • Major stat-scaling  nerfs to permanent party members, including all 4 classes the player can possibly have. 
  • Many of the starting enemies (first 2 floors) now have around 100 more max HP, and 5-15 more defense. People were saying the game was too easy, so I decided to punish them.
  • New equipment type: Artifacts, available to Blood Magi (and to magus-type temporary party members like Azar). They basically go in the slot where other classes would have their shields, and give various bonuses. Many will be craftable with Voodoo (that obviously means new recipes are coming, but that was kind of given considering I do this with every patch). Staffs have now become one-handed. Note 1: Magi still can't dual-wield. Basically you can now have 1 Staff and 1 Artifact equipped at the same time, but not 2 staffs at the same time. Note 2: Hana is not included in this, though she benefits from staffs becoming one-handed. Since she "can" dual-wield, she ALONE can have 2 staffs equipped at the same time.
  • Gallery Mode! Classical, public domain paintings are now spread throughout Psema, which are collectibles. Up to now I have placed around 20 of them, 1 normal one (read: classical paintings of nude women, which is totally high art and not centuries-old fanservice) on each floor, and 6 that appear depending on the player's insanity (way less pleasant to look at). The Gallery is a new option, added to the main menu (the background image is an original art for the record). Will probably add more in the future, the script is way too fancy not to be used.
  • Blackjack mini-game... With literally no consequences. Just blackjack. Might work on it more later to let the player bet money of something, but for now it's just a fun little recreational activity in Psema.

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