The Sewer Temple Update (4/10/19)

The new update of Broken Reality is here! See the log below for the changes.


Major General Updates: 

  • -The Sewer Temple: A new mission with Azar, exclusive to Blood Magi players.  
  • -Reworked crafting system: Crafting can now only be performed in select locations in the world, according to the crafting type (for example cooking can be performed at "campfires", while Smithing can be performed at "furnaces"). Said events will always have their name floating above them, so do not worry about missing them. The previous main menu option has now been renamed "Recipe viewer" and it only allows you to see which recipes you have learnt.  
  • -In order to fit the new crafting system, every single floor has received numerous minor updates, introducing new crafting area locations, so the players will have to explore in the cities to find where to craft things for free. Alternatively, now player houses are equipped with all crafting stations, so this gives you incentive to buy player homes.  
  • -In order to encourage player romancing the class girls, the player will now receive Elite Items as gifts from the girls, delivered by couriers waiting in major locations.  
  • -Game Menu theme changed to a much more atmospheric, music box one.  
  • -Sound effects for UI choices changed, so that they are more subtle and less video-game-y.  
  • -Map name font changed to a much smaller and more stylish look.

Major Floor Updates: 

 There have been numerous minor updates on the floors, so below I will only list the major updates done:  

  • -Starting Farm: Now, before exiting the house, a small crafting tutorial will be required.  
  • -Floor 1: Every NPC in the West Town of Beginnings has been changed, adding new, improved dialogues and gameplay-oriented/world-building events. The inn in said West Town of Beginnings has also been completely redesigned, offering new events as well as royal resting for players willing to spend more money (adding the "Well-Rested" buff). In addition, players owning the house in ToBs can now purchase an Asari girl pet from the previously lore-oriented vendor, earning permanent stat boosts, as well as the "well-rested" buff for the entire party. The player house has also been improved quite a bit. Visuals in the sewers of ToBs have been updated as well. Player house also offers a potential minor sex scene with Bloodfang for players who have romanced him & have high estrogen stat. Also in floor 1: The Stingy Path map has been redesigned, offering more of a challenge and more rewards for observant players. The themes of Illfang's Forest have now been changed to the same as Horunka Village.  
  • -Floor 2: Inspired by player feedback, Imperia Academia has become much more Hogwarts-y. New rooms have been added, along with various events on the grounds around the Academia that add to the world-building, along with the lore. Keep in mind, that these are not the last updates Imperia Academia will see. I have much more planned for it, in future patches.  
  • -Floor 4: The previously awful dungeon in the Forest Grove area has been replaced by a world-building event meeting with the Yuki Onnas, which now play a minor lore in the plot, and leading to the much more plot-relevant Wendigos, which began being built as a major threat from 2 patches ago. Dialogue choices the player makes with the Yuki Onnas may affect various events later on.  
  • -Floor 5: Various dialogue changes in the first Kaliska date (inside the house), so that the event comes off as more realistic.  
  • -Floor 6: The "horror house" where the player fought the japanese ghosts has been majorly changed. Instead of a mini (awful) dungeon aimed at assassins, the house is now lorewise connected with the wererat. A new quest has been added, where the player can piece together the backstory, and then resolve it in two different endings. Hroni Village (the wererat area) has also been visually updated. 
  • - Floor 11: The previously bugged Yuki Onna forest (where the players got "lost") has been completely replaced by 2 new maps. One is a typical forest mini-dungeon, and the other is a beautiful abandoned city, where the player can choose how he deals with a mentally unstable Yuki Onna, with 3 potential outcomes. In the northern part of Taft, the werewolves will now patrol areas, and will only detect and charge at the player if he approaches too much. The whole of northern Taft has also received various world-building and visual updates, so it seems more fleshed-out and "alive". In addition, depending on how players handled 2 separate events of Floor 4, a new shop and a new quest line may be open!  
  • -Floor 12: The visual techniques used for the Underwater areas have been changed, so now the game should be a lot more smooth. Same goes for the "Memory Lane' map, where the player can choose perks (accessible by the memory book in the player house in floor 1, or alternatively by the fortuneteller at the start of the game).  
  • -Floor 13: The inn now offers the royal rooms option for the "Well-Rested" buff. Players sleeping in the inn may trigger 1 of the following events, depending on their romances or estrogen stats respectively: Hana sex scene. Bloodfang sex scene. Only one of these events can trigger (locking out the other). Not meeting the requirements for either will leave them both on standby.

Minor Updates: 

  •  -Minor visual updates on all the floors, including more collectible herbs and plants. 
  •  -About a gazzillion reported & unreported bugs fixed.  -Various new items have become craftable, being added to the teachable recipes the player can buy from stores. That includes an armor set that fits Bloodfang, in Floor 10. Specifically the new craftable items are: Roasted Bread (can only be learnt at the starting farm at the moment), Rat Kebab (using as materials the newly added "Rat Meat"), White Skin (armor), Light Vest, Wolfbane (weapon), Snakeskin (armor), The Unbitten (shield).  
  • -All food items have now been changed to heal a percentage of health along with their static healing, meaning they will be useful regardless of how much the player has progressed in the story. 
  •  -All food items have had their costs prices dramatically reduced.  
  • -All raw meat has now had its 15% poison chance increased to 25%. 
  •  -Eating raw meat has a 0,05% chance of teaching poison resist, allowing the player to completely nullify the effects of basic poisons.  
  • -The previous "Yuki Usagi" gear pieces have been renamed, and their properties changed. They are now quest rewards for finishing the Yuki Onna quests (in floors 4 & 11 respectively). 
  •  -Various new minor items: Honey, Emblaming Fluids, Rat Meat.  
  • -Various new pieces of armor, mostly aimed at magi.  -Some minor potions had their recipes changed, to include different kinds of herbs instead of just the region's herbs X2. 
  •  -In addition, instead of using preset tiles, I have now isolated the images of various herbs and organized them. What that means for you, is that I am no longer restricted by the 5 graphic pages used in the maps to determine what kind of herbs are collectible in that map. For example, from now on I could add "Imperia's Beauty" flowers in Asari's deserts, if I wanted to.

  • -Poison state: From -10%hp regeneration, -10% counterattack chance to: -> -8%hp regeneration, -10%counterattack chance, -20%defense stat. 
  •  -Paralysis state: Now also causes the receiver to take double thunder damage. 
  •  -Curse of Weak Mind & Curse of Bad Luck have both been weakened, but they are no longer automatically removed at the end of the battle. 
  •  -Slippery Footing state (the one caused by Hana's kick): From -60% counterattack chance & 3-5 turns duration to: -> -50% counterattack chance, -50% magic reflect chance, -50% TP regeneration, -20% Defense stat, & 3 turns duration. 
  •  Burn state: Now caused the receiver to take double fire damage.  
  • -Watter Bubble state: Instead of reducing all attack damage to 0, it now: reduced physical damage received to 0%, fire to 0%, ice to 0%, wind to 0%, light to 0%, dark to 0%. It also increases water damage received to 200%, and thunder damage received to 350%. From -15% health per turn, it now cuts -25% health per turn, and reduces evasion and counterattack chance to 0%.  
  • -Dark Will state now also has a move named after it, giving +20% hit chance, +5% crit chance, attack speed increased by 30, +15% for an additional move per turn, 15% chance to add "fear state" when attacking, +10% ATK stat, +50% Affinity stat. The user also receives 200% light damage.  
  • -Fear State: Now apart from the potential turn skipping: Increases received Dark damage by 50%, causes -30% DEF stat, -15% ATK stat, -40% counterattack chance.  
  • -Provoke state: In addition to previous effects, now adds +15% DEF stat.  
  • -Voiceless state (new): Seals Magias, -15% magic reflection chance, -15% magic evasion chance.  
  • -Aliah's Clarity state (new): Cuts mana costs of magias by 50%, +20% Affinity stat, cuts cooldown time for magias by 50%.

  • -New enemies: Succubus Matron, Whore of Babylon (boss), Succubus Torturer, Violator, Witchbound Minotaur, Adult Boar, Witch'es Familiar, Living Filth (mini-boss & gigantic slime variant), Yuki Onna (mini-boss), The Angel (boss), Guardian Slime (semi-boss), Forest Savage, Woodsman Savage.  
  • -Slimes have been majorly reworked, increasing their health points by 500, reducing the damage their attack does, but adding 10%hp regeneration, and 30% and 25% chances to cause poison and paralysis on their attacks respectively. 
  • -Humanoid enemies will now fight more cleverly, giving priority to buff magias & techniques at the start of the battle. That includes Dark Elves, Kobolds, Minotaurs and various bosses, along with many of the new enemies.


Broken Reality: The Sewer Temple Update
Apr 10, 2019

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